SolarBOS offers a complete range of fully assembled grid protection systems which our product range complies with the latest AS/NZS 4777 standards.

We offer both export and non-export system for your applications when you’re connecting systems above 30kW three phase which the DNSP will request a secondary network protection to protect the grid from over supplying.

Why use Mains protection?

With an increase in decentralised energy sources such as Diesel Generator Sets, Photovoltaic plants and other alternative sources, the distribution system becomes less stable. It becomes more common to see fluctuations in frequency, voltage and other parameters. To minimise the impact and disturbances to the electrical network it is essential that all Energy sources over a certain size (in most of Australia over 30kW) have mains protection.

When making an application to connect (if your system is above 30kW three phases or 10kW single phase) the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) will insist on secondary protection to be provided. This will be in addition to the in built protection offered by AS4777 compliant inverters. They will insist that the protection relay shall be certified to IEC 60255, G59 or other product standards.

Export and Non-Export Available

The benefits to your client:

1. Compliance to local regulation.
2. Compliance with technical conditions of DNSP.
3. Prevents damage to the generator/Photovoltaic system caused by grid disturbances.
4. Minimise damage to equipment as a result of power being source outsided of parameters.
5. Reduction of downtime due to disconnection or interruption.

The benefits to your DNSP:

1. Provides safe working conditions for network workers upon grid disconnection.
2. Ensures safe balanced network of the distribution system.
3. Guarantees reliable delivery of high quality electricity.
4. Enables remote control of power supply sources.

Why are protection relays important?

• Protect the generating units from mains disturbances.
• Disconnect the generator from the grid as soon as a failure is detected.
• Prevent distribution network from failure.
• Maintain the quality of power delivered to all users.

Single Line Drawings available on request

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