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HIVE Solar Battery White

HIVE Solar Batteries (2.9kWh-17.4kWh)

HIVE Solar Batteries implements cutting edge technology for the use of home solar storage solutions. The Hive 2.9kW battery is a modular solution and is capable of being expanded to 17.4kWh for even greater storage capacity. It has an all-in-one design that is popular with installers and homeowners, as our system has been pre-engineered and prepared in the factory, so that it saves valuable time and minimises the chance of errors during installation.

AlphaESS Smile5 (5.7kWh-34.4kWh)

Established in 2012, AlphaESS specialises in advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial customers.

With years of experience in both the clean energy and battery industries, the AlphaESS team helps families and businesses reduce their electricity costs and achieve energy independence through their own power generation, storage, and optimisation.

AlphaESS products have spread to more than 50 countries through our partners, benefiting thousands of customers.


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