With the continual change in solar regulations and innovative technology Solar BOS understand that we need to stay ahead of industry changes. Because they are ahead in the game, they are able to maintain their consistency of solar installations all around Australia.

Back in 2009 when the solar industry boomed, all Balance of System products were not readily available. Installers found it difficult to procure the right product at the right price and at times had to visit 3 or 4 different suppliers to make up the BOS.

We made it easy for installers and took the hard work and wasted time away from the installers. We sourced the product and distributed the BOS to the panels and inverters that the solar companies provided. Today we still do the same.

What Solar BOS brings to large companies is the consistent product they can control on their solar installations. With recent product recalls companies can buy with confidence knowing that Solar BOS uses high quality products. Only packaging the hardest-working and longest-lasting products available, Solar BOS is precise.

By delivering every necessary electrical solar component all in just one box, Solar BOS can keep costs down and quality at a premium. And because every product they use not only meets, but exceeds Australian installation standards, all you need to do is arrive at an install, grab your Solar BOS and start installing.

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